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Locally Sourced × mountain coffee 


We are coffee buyers located in Colombia working for you  

Hello we are american coffee buyers living in colombia


Are you a small to medium size coffee roaster in USA, Europe, Australia ? 


We have a offer for you.

Let us be your coffee connection to fresh green coffee, grown, picked, washed and bagged just for you from our selected coffee plantations. 

Over the years we have traveled the back road jeep trails into the Andes mountains for speciality coffee grown in the volcanic rich soils.

High mountain coffee grown at 1700-1900 meters, where our farmers use traditional growing methods, natural spring water wet processed, mountain sunshine patio dried, perfect coffee.  

We are buyers for major European roasters. Over the years we have found many smaller coops and plantations where the coffee is exceptionally good, where we wish to share our experiences with you too. 

This is the base of our company, our love of coffee we have found for you and your customers. 

Great Mountain Grown Colombia coffee that your customers will enjoy, morning after morning, as a wonderful taste of mild balanced cup of joe. 








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Medellin Colombia South America 

Irvine California USA

Moscow Russia 

Sofia Bulgaria Europe

Australia coming soon 



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Fri-Sa-Sn gone to the hills




Harvest Season:   Late September is the start to late November is the heavy harvest, main harvest.  The smaller harvest is in April May.  Between these two harvest some coffee is limited.  Rain has a factor on picking coffee, may delay the harvest for a few weeks either way.

Colombia is at the equator letting the coffee tree produce coffee flowers and coffee cherries all year round. Typical to see a coffee tree with all four stages of coffee cherries on the same tree at the same time.   Picking is done for the most part year round on some higher elevation plantation, with the heaviest harvest in the fall.  Understanding the process, helps with your orders and sample availability. 

Generic Colombian coffee, yes is in warehouses from the Colombian Coffee Federation of Growers, available all year round.   This is coffee from all regions of Colombia mixed together, unknown from one bag to the next what is really inside. Good Colombian coffee yes, but not single region origin coffee as we offer.   This FCG coffee is what most warehouse sell in USA to you.