Frequently asked payment methods

We do accept bank to bank LETTER OF CREDIT, with our banking partner BanColombia.  Deposit Payment is 10 to 30% upon acceptance of the order with a wire transfer, USA to Colombia, the balance on a letter of credit. Then upon the ocean container sealed at the port by the police, ready for loading on the ship, the Bill of Laden is ready [BOL], our bank in Colombia notifies your bank in the USA, for final payment. Sounds easy it is.

Frequently asked where to pick-up in Florida?

Your coffee arrives into the port of Miami Florida.  We will take care of clearing USA Customs, the FDA inspection paperwork, trucking out of the dock area to our partner warehouse about 30 minutes from the port.  There, the container is unloaded, palletized on good quality hardwood 4-way pallets, plastic shrink wrapped, totally, ready for trucking to you.

Next step is trucking company of your choice to pick-up.  Send us the Bill of Laden, we will attach to each pallet shipping address provided, ready for your trucker.  We are easy, appointments for dock high truck pick-up available everyday Monday to Friday. 

Glad to provide a few trucking companies for your consideration on delivery to your door.  

Frequently asked what if I can not pick-up my coffee in Florida for more than a week?

We have considered one week plenty of time after un-loading the container, palletized for you to arrange for a trucking company. Start this process in advance, with your trucking company.  Then tell them of a ready to pick-up day, upon clearing customs. Bigger trucking companies have trucks to pick-up available daily in Miami.  Storage fee may apply if over the one week, reasonable at about $35. per pallet for the month or any part of the month. warehouse storage. 


You are welcome to come to our offices and warehouse at anytime.  Formal tours offered one time a year to see the harvest, but you may take a flight to Medellin Colombia, to visit us, see your coffee in green parchment being processed, bagged.  Enjoy a cup of great Colombian Coffee with us, and most important, we will provide a professional cupping of "your coffee" too.  This is free, no problem.  Trips to plantations in the mountains must be made in advance at a minimal cost of staff taking you out to the coffee country. Day trip to the mountains.  AND a Medellin City Tour, we can arrange a hand held guided personal tour guide for you too. See why so many people want to stay


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